What We Do

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Strategic Support and Invaluable Expertise

At Lambro Enterprises, we provide the right combination of planning, technical expertise, specialized tools, and ongoing engagement to help companies execute federal contracts successfully and profitably while minimizing the risk for non-compliance. As a leading federal construction consultant, we help your business with a variety of needs including:

  • Contract bid support

  • Procurement advisory services

  • Sourcing and procurement services

  • Construction management supplies

We’re dedicated to optimizing all aspects of our clients’ procurement and sourcing operations through unparalleled supply chain consulting services. We connect clients with strategic vendor opportunities including hardware merchant wholesalers, industrial supplies merchant wholesalers, lumber, plywood, and millwork wholesalers, paint and varnish wholesalers, power tool wholesalers, and more depending on your needs. Our objective is to ensure that your supply chain reaches its full, unconstrained potential.

Supplier Products

We help clients supply the following products to major government projects:

  • Hardware & Equipment

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Lumber, Plywood & Millwork

  • Paint, Varnish & Coatings

  • Sets, Kits & Handtools

  • Special Industrial Machinery

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