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Lambro Enterprises is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex supplier bid process for government construction projects across the United States.

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Lambro Enterprises is an experienced consulting firm committed to providing a wide array of government supplier advisory services across the United States.

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About Our Company

We’re an experienced federal construction consultant ready to guide clients through every step of the contract life cycle, from the federal contract bid to overall management and the closeout process. Our services deliver highly tailored solutions that help clients meet their financial, operational, and strategic goals.

Our comprehensive NAICS list includes:

  • 423710 - Hardware Merchant Wholesalers
  • 423840 - Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • 423990 - Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers
  • 423310 - Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panel Merchant Wholesalers
  • 424950 - Paint, Varnish, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • 541611 - General Management & Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
  • 561410 - Document Preparation Services
  • 611430 - Professional & Management Development Training


  • Hand tools, nonedged, nonpowered (5120)
  • Miscellaneous Construction Materials (5680)
  • Individual equipment (8465)
  • Miscellaneous special industry machinery (3695)
  • Sets, kits, and outfits of handtools (5180)
  • Machine tool accessories (3460)
  • Education/training - training/curriculum development (U008)
  • Education/training - vocational/technical (U006)
  • Education/training - lectures (U001)
  • Support - professional: program management/support (R408)
  • Support - professional: engineering/technical (R425)

Support for GSA & SAM Contract Officers

Partnering with Lambro Enterprises, LLC to fulfill all the specific needs of your upcoming project is the right choice. We grant access to a strategic network of the construction industry’s best and most innovative suppliers.